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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs


The next course is planned for early 2022, date to be confirmed

The teacher for this course is Padmasimha, who set up the yoga studio 20 years ago, and has been teaching the back course for the last 5 years.





  • 12 weekly yoga classes lasting 1¼ hours taught over 3-4 months.
  • An evidence-based, specific and specialised programme targeting lower back problems, approved by Arthritis Research UK, yoga associations and NICE.
  • Initial telephone consultation with teacher to address any concerns. Registration Form completion. (These help the teacher to help you more.)
  • Weekly sessions – initially teaching simple pain-relieving positions and strategies; progressing gradually with strengthening and stretching poses and movements, designed to improve flexibility, mobility and posture; breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.
  • Accompanied by comprehensive evidence-based book (student manual), 4-track Relaxation CD (Track 1 also available in App format), practice sheets to enable simple home practice.


  • “ONCE OFF” course teaches you to look after your back condition for now and for the future.
  • 15 hrs of supervised exercise, plus a book and yoga practice sheets, aims to teach you to help yourself forever (compare this to an average of just 4 individual sessions of 15-30 minutes with a physiotherapist / chiropractor that typically addresses just the acute/ immediate problem)
  • Addresses other aspects that may be affecting your back problems e.g. joint and muscle pains, arthritis, stress, mood, anxiety, tension, return to work strategies.
  • Taught in small group  between 6 and 12.
  • The latest evidence shows that you should exercise for improved physical and mental health. NICE suggests exercise ‘as a first step to managing back pain’.
  • It’s enjoyable, and improves general well-being.

Who is it suitable for?:

  • Those who want to learn to help themselves.
  • Those who like the prospect of learning methods for “getting back control of their back condition”
  • Those whose back pain has become chronic, e.g. persistent pain or pain that is there the majority of the time.
  • Those whose back pain comes and goes (recurring/ episodic), e.g. several bouts each year. Don’t wait until your next episode of bad back pain – start now.
  • Anyone prepared to commit to weekly classes, which teach you to incorporate some yoga skills into your daily life

What to Expect:

  • No previous experience of yoga is necessary; but it can offer those with yoga experience more subtle knowledge of lifelong best practise methods (“optimum rather than maximum”).
  • You will not be asked to do anything which your body or mind is not comfortable with.
  • No complicated, challenging or advanced yoga.

Where, when and how to book?

  • Courses held at the Cardiff yoga studio, entrance on Bedford Street, CF24 3BA.
  • Every Thursday, 7:45pm till 9:00pm starting April 2nd 2020
  • You need to pre-register for a place on a course. Write to Padmasimha at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07854 733130


  • £214 per student for 15 hours of supervised tuition in small groups (6-12 people), includes book, 4-track relaxations CD, home practice sheets, hand-outs, support. Concessions are available.
  • £64 for Resource pack (Before Class 1)
  • £75 for first block of 6 classes (Before Class 1)
  • £75 for second block of 6 classes (Before Class 7)

The next course starts April 2nd 2020.


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