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Beginners Classes

A beginner’s course is an ideal way to find out about yoga and start practicing.
meditationyoga pose

The course follows a simple structure that introduces students in a clear and progressive way to the main elements of yoga – breathing, posture and relaxation.

Courses are suitable for most people, but if you have any health problems, injuries or are pregnant, you do need to inform the teacher beforehand.

Courses run on a cyclical basis.

Our next Beginners Courses are:

Mon, Jan 20th Yoga for wellbeing & balance - 5 Week blocks 01:35PM - 03:00PM with Jo cost £45 or £40 (Students or Benefits) or £10 drop-in
Tue, Feb 25th Beginner's Course - 7 weeks 06:00PM - 07:15PM with Padmasimha cost £63 or £49 (Students or benefits)
Tue, Feb 25th Beginner's Course - 7 Weeks 07:45PM - 09:00PM with Tori cost £56 or £42 (Students or Benefits)
Sat, Feb 29th Beginner's Course - 6 Weeks 09:25AM - 10:25AM with Claire cost £46
Sun, Mar 1st Yoga Sundays - Beginners course 7 weeks 06:00PM - 07:15PM with Cathryn cost Cost £52.50

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